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  • As far as iconic surf photos go, you’d be hard-pressed to find one more beloved than @tomservaisjr’s shot of @curfuffle’s gorgeous cutback in Hawaii in 1991. For more on how this shot came to be and why it wasn’t a SURFER cover until just a few years ago, follow our link in bio for the latest episode of “Behind the Photo.” Video: @grantellis1 #SURFERmagazine
  • At the speedway with @japmate, somewhere in Oz. Video: @kaptainkirky. #SURFERmagazine
  • Photo of the Day: An OBX gem goes untouched during last week’s Hurricane Florence swell. Shot by @joncarterphotography #SURFERmagazine
  • Waking up for dawn patrol calls for two things: a hot cup of coffee and a warm sweater. Check out our new SURFER crew neck sweaters to keep all you early birds warm. Available in our @united_surf store. #SURFERgear
  • Photo of the Day: Golden hour nuggets at the end of the rainbow. @whitewaterwilly on the East Coast this week. Shot by @jaybelsky. #SURFERmagazine
  • Repost from our neighbors at @adventuresportsnetwork // Starting this year, September 20th will be annually recognized as “California Surfing Day.” It might not look like this today, but Californians, get out there and celebrate. Photo: @petertaras #SURFERmagazine
  • Far from the pressure of the World Tour, @john_john_florence discovers perfect surf and a kinship with Dave Rastovich on King Island in @seano888’s profile feature, “Island of the Mind.” For the full feature, head to our site. Photo: @tedgrambeau. #SURFERmagazine
  • @taylorsteele’s 2001 film, “Shelter,” perfectly captured the Momentum Generation’s soulful transition period, with the typical band of high-performance surfers including @rob_machado, @taylor_knox and the Malloys riding all manner of alternative craft shot on vintage 16mm film. Head to our site for the latest “Throwback Clip of the Week.” #SURFERmagazine
  • Colder water and bigger swells are drawing closer with each passing day, meaning it’s high time to get into a new wetsuit that’ll perform just as well as you do this winter. @visslasurf’s new High Seas wetsuit should do just the trick. Enter today for your chance to win your own High Seas suit in our link in bio. #SURFERmagazine
  • In @dakine_surf’s newest edit, @live.fast.die.old, @leifnotleaf, @kalanidavid4, @iangentil and @jacksonbunch traveled to Waco, Texas for a little wavepool fun and kept their session rolling well into the night. Watch the crew stomp trick after trick beneath the night sky in “Blue River Wranglers,” live in our link in bio. Video: @takeshelterprod. #SURFERmagazine