FREE SHIPPING kilim Pattern Decorative PVC vinyl mat linoleum rug – Bordeaux k-112

VIDECOR STUDIO Suggest you refresh your home with carpet kilim decorated like
A shot of color which will target, attract and give you an authentic sense of faraway places.
Suitable for a variety of floors. Just assume and enjoy uncompromising aesthetics.

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• uniqe pvc
• Quality PVC, falls flat on the floor completely
• UV printing quality
• non-toxic and Eco-friendly
• Easy to clean

• Retire on the floor and give time to straighten carpet
• You can lie in the sun to soften the material, and retire on the floor

80*60 cm | 31.5*23.6 inch
90*60 cm | 35.4*23.6 inch
120*70 cm | 47.2*27.5 inch
160*60 cm | 63*23.6 inch
160*80 cm | 63*31.5 inch
120*120 cm | 47.2*47.2 inch
120*180 cm | 47.2*70.8 inch
NEW !! 150*205 cm | 59*80.7 inch

• Clean with a damp cloth
• Do not use harsh cleaners such as bleach
• There Periodically ventilate the bottom of the carpet

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