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Kitchen mat, Rustic home decor, Home gifts, Kitchen décor mat, Pvc mat, floor rug.

Refresh your home with Kitchen mat design with tiles decoaration.
A shot of color which will target, attract and give you an authentic feeling of faraway places.
Suitable for a variety of places. Easy to layout on the floor .
No need for glue.
Suitable for easy cleaning, without the need to pick up, especially comfortable under the dining table and in the kitchen.

Ideal home carpet . Easy to clean, does not absorb dust and allergens, and adds an impressive touch to your home design.
You can not ignore the strong colors and beautiful of our carpets.
No need to worry or to fear spill something on it, because it is so easy to clean. It will be durable for years to come and reap compliments from all sides.

Buy a kitchen mat and enjoy its benefits !

• uniqe pvc
• Quality PVC, falls flat on the floor completely
• UV printing quality
• non-toxic and Eco-friendly
• Easy to clean

• Retire on the floor and give time to straighten carpet
• You can lay in the sun to soften the material, and spread on the floor

* 15.7" x20.8" inch | 40×53 cm
* 31.5×23.6 inch | 80*60 cm
* 35.4×23.6 inch | 90*60 cm
* 47.2×27.5 inch | 120*70 cm
* 63×23.6 inch | 160*60 cm
* 70.8×23.6 inch | 180*60 cm NEW !!
* 94.5×23.6 inch | 240*60 cm NEW !!
* 63×31.5 inch | 160*80 cm
* 47.2×47.2 inch | 120*120 cm
* 47.2×70.8 inch | 120*180 cm
* 59×80.7 inch | 150*205 cm NEW !!
* 59×118 inch | 150*300 cm NEW !!

• Clean with a damp cloth
• Do not use harsh cleaners such as bleach
• There Periodically ventilate the bottom of the carpet

Tile stickers to complete the look designed –

Examples range of other carpets –

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