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  • Over the last decade, San Diego surfer @beyondthesurfaceintl has used surfing and education to empower impoverished coastal communities around the world. For more on Koch’s work with Beyond the Surface, head to our site for the latest “A Line of Their Own” feature from our newest issue. Photo: @nojotochop #SURFERmagazine
  • English style master, photographer and @vans Duct Tape Invitational competitor @jimmyjamesparry sat down with us during this year’s event in the Basque Country to discuss his upbringing in the UK, his love of photography and his never-ending desire to travel the world in search of waves. For the full edit, head to our site. Video: @laynestratton // @nuno_diass // @plmiranda #SURFERfilms
  • Photo of the Day: @owright awash in goofyfoot paradise, Bali. Shot by @tmurphy_photography. #SURFERmagazine
  • Attention aspiring water photographers/videographers! @aquatech_imagingsolutions is giving away their AxisGo Water Housing for the iPhone plus all the accessories you'll need to capture your aquatic adventures this summer. Enter today's 30 Days of Giveaways in our link in bio.
  • At just 11 years old, @sierrakerr has the foundation to be just about the best board sport athlete on the planet. Read more about the young prodigy in “A Line of Their Own,” a feature from our latest issue, now live on our site. Photo: @peterkingphoto #SURFERmagazine
  • Photo of the Day: @shama_the_superman stylishly puts it on rail at Lowers last week. Shot by @derekdunfee. #SURFERmagazine
  • “Don’t look down,” is good advice if you’re afraid of heights...or sharks. @jordysmith88, @chaddutoit, @dustymorrisss and others, sharing a Durban lineup with a rather large ocean predator recently. Video: @boyofthebeach #SURFERmagazine
  • When the waves go flat, it's time to hit the streets for some sidewalk surfing. Your friends at @sector9 want to give you a fresh new quiver of longboard skateboards for their 30 Days of Giveaways prize pack. Enter in our link in bio.
  • Perhaps the deepest view we’ve ever seen from inside a Skeleton Bay freight train. @oliverkurtz in Namibia this week. #SURFERmagazine
  • @karinarozunko is an embodiment of the stylish, freewheeling ideals of the modern longboarding movement. Take a closer look at Rozunko’s unique approach to surfing and beyond in “A Line of Their Own,” a feature from our latest issue, now live on our site. Photo: @_lucrecia_ #SURFERmagazine