Hi, I’m Chen 

A decade ago I built my house. Anyone who has built or renovated a home knows the stress of choosing tiles. To arrive just in time for the sequence to arrive. Lots of choices, quite a bit of money I spent on choosing the flooring, and all in the hope that even after years I like what I chose.

Years have passed, and guess what?

The stripe décor is less to my taste, the tiles in the kitchen I would do differently ..

In short, our taste is a changing thing.

In my training as a graphic designer, I spent a lot of time designing stickers,

I set up Vanill home decor and developed a complete collection of wall and floor tile stickers and large variety of PVC mats, ones that can instantly cover our tiles,

and give a new look and once we get tired, we can always change and replace.

All this without breaking walls, and without any professional.

And in a few minutes of work – get a whole new look to our home.

I invite you to enjoy the examples on the site, check the size and style that suits you, and upgrade your home for yourself as you like.


I would like to hear from you,

I’m available on WhatsApp, right here ..