5 Steps to make your dream space

Chooze the rigth location

Whether it’s a kitchen or a bath, choose a central wall, with tiles that you can easily see, and be central.
No matter if your tiles are smooth and ornate, there is a way to hide or highlight everything.

Measure the tile size well

We often come across tiles of non-standard sizes.
Measure the tile size from end to end, without the line separating the tiles.
It is important for the tile to sit exactly on the tile itself and not stand out. If you have a non-standard tile, you do not have to cover it all.
It is possible to determine a certain line where the tiles will move and according to the width or height of the tile determine the rest.

Transperent or Full ?

There are two types of stickers. Tile stickers printed on a transparent background – blend in with the tile that is in the background and give a true tile look
Full tile stickers – usually selected when we have a tile with an illustration that we want to hide. The opaque tile background is white.

In the photo – tiles with transparent background.


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