traditional rug , Vinyl mat, Boho rug, Traditional colorful oriental mosaic rug, ornaments Persian ,Boho Floor Decor, Linoleum Rug #430


Ethnic Vinyl mat, Boho rug, Persian carpet tribal texture ,Vintage Home Decor, Modern Home Decor, PVC Carpet

Refresh your home with Ethnic Vinyl mat, Vintage Home Decor style.
A shot of color which will target, attract and give you an authentic feeling of faraway places.

Suitable for a variety of places. Easy to layout on the floor .
No need for glue.
Suitable and easy cleaning, without the need to pick up, especially comfortable under the dining table and in the kitchen.


* 11.8×17.7 inch | 30×45 cm
* 15.7×23.6 inch | 40×60 cm
* 35.4×23.6 inch | 90*60 cm
* 31.4×47.2 inch | 80×120 cm
* 47.2×70.8 inch | 120*180 cm
* 31.4x 78.7 inch | 80 x200 cm

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