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The living room is the real heart of the home, where you get to relax, entertain, play with the family, watch tv, really just about anything you can think of! Since you spend so much time there, it is just so important, that it is a beautiful space that you love!

Do you want to make your living area beautiful for yourself, your family and your guests with subtle and easily implemented changes? Do you want to bring an oriental feel into the area with gorgeous vinyl tiles without changing the entire floor?

We have the answer for you!

With our oriental themed black and white vinyl PVC mat with unique hints of Moroccan, Portuguese and Italian flair, your living room floors can be instantly updated! If you are not looking for a large-scale renovation, but rather small ways to spruce up your living area, why not start by introducing a modern vinyl PVC mat that will turn a bland or outdated space into something super fun and exciting? Our mats are beautiful, functional and anti-slip, and best of all, they aren’t permanent, so when you’re up for another change, that is super simple to do! Simply tell us what size you need and if this pattern isn't perfect for you, tell us what you are looking for and we would love to help you find your dream vinyl PVC mat.

Our vinyl living room mats are not only the most wonderful decorative addition to your living space, but they are also durable and perfect for protecting your floors from any unwanted damage.

With their easy-to-clean finish, they also don’t absorb dust or allergens, making them a safe and hygienic addition to the home too.

You can't believe the compliments that will be coming your way!


We offer a multitude of sizes, in order to ensure that you can find the perfect mat yo fit your space.

✓ sample – 5.9×5.9 inch | 0.5×0.5 ft | 15×15 cm
✓ 31.5×23.6 inch | 2.6×2 ft | 80*60 cm
✓ 35.4×23.6 inch | 3×2 ft | 90*60 cm
✓ 47.2×27.5 inch | 4×2 x2 ft | 120*70 cm
✓ 63×23.6 inch | 5.2×2 ft | 160*60 cm
✓ 70.8×23.6 inch | 6×2 ft | 180*60 cm
✓ 78×23.6 inch | 6.5×2 ft | 200×60 cm
✓ 94.5×23.6 inch | 7.8×2 ft | 240*60 cm
✓ 94.5×31.5 inch | 7.8×2.6 ft | 240×80 cm
✓ 110×31.5 inch | 9×2.6 ft | 280×80 cm
✓ 94.5×39.4 inch | 7.8×3.2 ft | 240×100 cm
✓ 63×31.5 inch | 5.2×2.6 ft | 160*80 cm
✓ 47.2×47.2 inch | 4×4 ft | 120*120 cm
✓ 47.2×70.8 inch | 4×6 ft | 120*180 cm
✓ 59×59 inch | 5×5 ft | 150×150 cm
✓ 59×80.7 inch | 5×6.7 ft | 150*205 cm
✓ 63×94.5 inch | 5.2×7.8 ft | 160×240 cm
✓ 59×118 inch | 5×9.8 ft | 150*300 cm
✓ 78×118 inch | 6.5×9.8 ft | 200×300 cm
✓ 94.5×118 inch | 7.8×9.8 ft | 240×300 cm

Product Details:

✓ Made from the highest quality PVC vinyl
✓ Quality PVC which lies completely flat on the floor
✓ UV printing quality
✓ Each mat is non-toxic and Eco-friendly
✓ Easy to clean

How to use:

✓ Simply open up your mat, place it on the floor, straighten it and enjoy!
✓ If the mat is not lying completely flat, simply place it in the sun for a couple of minutes to soften and then follow the instructions above.

Care Instructions:

✓ Wipe down your vinyl floor mat with a damp cloth
✓ Do not use any harsh cleaners or chemicals, such as bleach
✓ It is recommended to periodically ventilate the rug, by lifting it off of the surface and hanging it up to 'breath'. Once you have done that, simply place it back down and continue enjoying it’s beauty and comfort!


✓ Shipping is free
✓ Each product takes 1-2 business days to print
✓ All mats smaller than 120cm x 180cm ship from Israel and will take an additional 4-10 days to arrive.
✓ All mats 120cm x 180cm and larger ship from the EU via Fedex and will take an additional 4-6 days to arrive.

Please bare in mind that the colors of your vinyl mat may vary slightly due to screen collaboration.

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Chen x

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